Maddison Ryder
Maddison Ryder
Industrial Designer

Compostable single-use plates made completely from waste lettuce

Lettuce Eat explores food waste and throw away culture through a series of plates developed and designed from dehydrated lettuce. Ingrained within habits and behaviours of individuals, consumption has reached a critically dominant position in modern society. Defined no longer by what we do, but rather, what we have and display (Humphrey, 2009). Waste has been culturally manifested as something totally out of sight and out of mind. 

Through this project I have worked to re-define what waste is, by working with wasted food, and reconstituting it to become a material of workability, adaptability and transformability, and thus value. The objective of Lettuce Eat is to establish a value to food waste materials. Under the umbrella of a sustainable framework, the pieces will act not to discourage this impermanent sense of consumption, but rather, encourage consumption of 100% sustainable and natural single use objects.  

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